Engine Carbon Cleaning, DPF Cleaning & Injector Cleaning

Keith Lenihan Motors was appointed Terraclean Agent for the Finglas / Ashbourne and surrounding areas in July 2019.

TerraClean is a patented technology which cleans the inside of your vehicle’s fuel system. By removing carbon we can improve engine performance, reduce emissions, and reduce costs by increasing component lifespan.

Delivered as a carbon cleaning service through a network of 500+ UK & Ireland dealers, TerraClean dealers are trained professionals who understand and implement engine diagnostics to identify and resolve carbon-related problems. The TerraClean range of tools and equipment enables TerraClean dealers to clean injectors, combustion chambers, EGR Valves, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) as well as sensors to help achieve optimum engine efficiency.

Do not consider hydrogen-based technology or basic carbon cleaning alternatives – insist upon TerraClean every time. Check out www.terraclean.ie for more information.